Reaching one magnificent milestone — and closing in on another

Over the past decade, you — UW Medicine’s advocates, contributors and leaders — have poured your time, your passion and your philanthropy into speeding research, into treating and comforting patients, and into educating future doctors and researchers.

With your help, the University of Washington will soon reach its total Campaign goal of $5 billion. It’s reason to celebrate, but not to rest. UW Medicine’s important work — making medicine better, for all of us — continues. And today, thanks to you, we’ve achieved approximately 97 percent of our $2 billion fundraising goal.

Let’s maintain the momentum. Let’s keep tackling the biggest challenges to human health through the end of this Campaign — and beyond.


Is UW Medicine’s Campaign over?
While the University will shortly reach its $5 billion goal, UW Medicine’s Campaign is not over. We are still raising money through Accelerate: The Campaign for UW Medicine — and the University-wide “Be Boundless” Campaign — until June 30, 2020.

Does UW Medicine still need my help?
Yes! Your guidance, generosity and time are essential to the Campaign’s success. It would be an honor to continue counting you as a partner as we gain momentum — and knowledge, and cures — now and in the years to come.

How are you using the $2 billion we are raising?
In a myriad of wonderful ways. Our donors have established the Brotman Baty Institute for Precision Medicine and raised millions for student scholarships. Thanks to donor generosity, the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation and the Department of Global Health continue, quite literally, to improve health worldwide. With contributions, you’ve supported hospital-based programs that help refugees and the homeless. With gifts, you’ve helped us move closer to creating effective cancer vaccines, improving mental health, and expanding knowledge of the heart and the brain. And with your help, we are revolutionizing the diagnosis and treatment of disease by mastering stem cell technology and making brand-new proteins. Your gifts are doing all this — and much, much more. Thank you very much for helping us improve human health.

My committee hasn’t reached its goal — does that matter?
Your work, and the work of your colleagues, is already having an impact on what you care most about. And we encourage you to continue, knowing that your efforts are incredibly important to the people — patients, students, faculty — who benefit from committed support. Every gift matters.

I know someone who’s interested in joining my committee. Is it too late?
There’s never a bad time to become part of the UW Medicine family! Please contact your fundraising officer to make a connection. Or give your friend a little light reading at or, where they can explore inspiring stories and learn how your work (and the Campaign, overall) is benefitting students, patients and research projects.

With YOU, we have MOMENTUM.
If you have other questions about the Campaign, please don’t hesitate to contact your fundraising officer at 206.543.5686. They would be pleased to help.