When COVID-19 first appeared in Washington state in early 2020, UW Medicine was ready to respond. We were ready because of our dedicated community of supporters, whose generosity over the years has allowed us to attract the best and brightest students, faculty and staff and develop innovative, lifesaving research, clinical programs and partnerships.

Since then, UW Medicine has made many significant contributions to the global understanding of COVID-19, to our local, regional and national public health response and to the development of therapeutics and a vaccine.

But our work isn’t over. Your generous support is needed now more than ever to accelerate an end to the pandemic, protect the health of our community and reopen our economy.

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UW Medicine researchers are working tirelessly to save lives and help our communities reopen. Visit our newsroom to learn more about our contributions to ending COVID-19.

photo of Harborview van in front of Seattle Union Gospel Mission

The New York Times: They Haven’t Gone for a Shot. So Shots Are Coming to Them.
Mobile COVID-19 vaccine clinics are rolling up to neighborhoods across the country, including Seattle’s Pioneer Square.

illustration of four people of various sexes and races, all with bandaids on their shoulders

UW Magazine: The race is on to deliver vaccine equity
UW Medicine is focused on equitably distributing the vaccine with several initiatives.

photo of room with many hospital beds lined up in rows

Vox: How the world missed more than half of all COVID-19 deaths
An IHME analysis suggests countries have been undercounting since the beginning of the pandemic.

3D model of a new COVID vaccine

Scientific American: Artificial Proteins Are Becoming New COVID Vaccines and Medicines
UW Medicine researchers have begun to crack the code of protein structure, allowing them to remake, well, everything.


We find ourselves in another race against time to get ahead of COVID-19 mutations and the more contagious variants that pose an enormous threat to our progress.

Your generosity is needed to advance the innovative ideas that can stop the next variant or the next pandemic before it stops us. Gifts to the UW Medicine Emergency Response Fund will accelerate the following critical initiatives in our efforts to end this pandemic and prevent future ones:

photo of covid-19 and vaccine vile

Advancing the next generation of vaccines
The Institute for Protein Design has developed a protein nanoparticle vaccine candidate for COVID-19 currently in human clinical trials. The vaccine appears to be highly effective at low doses, simple to produce, stable outside of a freezer and could enable vaccination against a wide variety of mutated strains of COVID-19 on a global scale. Your generosity can help advance clinical trials and compress the timeline for the development of future nanoparticle vaccines.

Boxes of test kits labeled SCAN

Tracking the spread of respiratory viruses in our community
Researchers at the Brotman Baty Institute–based Seattle Flu Study designed a home self-swab test kit and partnered with Public Health-Seattle & King County and the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the Seattle Coronavirus Assessment Network (SCAN) to monitor the progression of COVID-19 and to help lead local, national and international response efforts. Your support ensures we can identify and track the spread of COVID-19 and other respiratory viruses circulating in our community in real time allowing for quick public health interventions.

Black healthcare worker in head covering and mask holds up vaccine vial

Vaccinating vulnerable members of our community
UW Medicine is working with the City of Seattle, King County and other community stakeholders to increase access to vaccinations in underserved populations. We are currently conducting community outreach throughout the region to share information about COVID-19 vaccines. And with your caring support, we can partner with community and faith-based organizations and entities to send remote teams into communities to administer vaccines, helping to fill critical gaps and ensure equitable access to COVID-19 vaccination.

Health worker in face shield, gloves, and gown with COVID test swab

Ensuring enough testing to stay ahead of the pandemic
Thanks to the quick response from our donor community, UW Medicine’s Division of Virology was able to take a national leadership role in quickly setting up and scaling clinical COVID-19 tests and antibody tests. Staying on the forefront of this crisis, their lab recently detected the first cases of the UK COVID-19 strain in Washington state, and now your support can help them develop rapid genomic tests to screen for the presence of other COVID-19 variants.

Screen shot of chart of COVID deaths in the U.S.

Delivering essential modeling for national and local public health policy decisions
UW Medicine is the administrative base for the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), which continues providing valuable modeling projections used to guide national and global COVID-19 response and healthcare planning. Your resolute support ensures we can continue to provide real-time projections under rapidly changing circumstances.

Nurses looking at clipboard

Retaining our nation’s best healthcare teams, right here in the Pacific Northwest
Many healthcare workers, particularly those with direct exposure to COVID-19 patients, are facing burnout and extreme stress. Your generosity helps fund wellness programs, mental health support, COVID-19 testing and vaccinations, and PPE critical to the health and well-being of those who have cared for our community during this pandemic. By supporting the Emergency Response Fund, you ensure we can meet today’s urgent healthcare needs and continue providing exceptional care to our community for years to come.


Your generous support of the UW Medicine Emergency Response Fund will accelerate an end to this pandemic and help save lives. We invite you to contact us at covidgifts@uw.edu or 866-820-1375 to learn more about how you can get involved.

Read more about the impact of giving to the UW Medicine Emergency Response Fund.

In addition to cash gifts, we are also collecting words of encouragement and large-scale donations of personal protective equipment for our healthcare teams at AccelerateMed.org/Heroes.