Together, Outsmarting Leukemia

Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) is the most common type of acute leukemia in adults, but is still a rare and potentially devastating cancer that grows fast.

But what if AML could be…

  • detected in its earliest stages?
  • targeted with tailor-made therapies?

Discoveries by our cancer researchers and specialists are already resulting in better survival rates, and healthier lives for many patients.

With your generosity we can rapidly transform this rare cancer from a life-threatening diagnosis into a treatable condition. Will you help us outsmart cancer?

You Can Help Us Outsmart Leukemia

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Thanks to generous donors like you, we have:

Built an algorithm to discern which drugs might best combat patients’ individual cases of acute myeloid leukemia.

Conducted many clinical trials targeting AML at all stages, whether newly diagnosed, relapsed/refractory or with measurable residual disease— providing patients access to promising new treatments.

Developed diagnostic tools like UW-OncoPlex, a DNA sequencing tool that helps physicians apply precision medicine to treat AML.

The Path to Outsmarting Leukemia

At UW Medicine, our multidisciplinary teams are on the leading edge of patient-specific drug therapies, chemotherapy and bone marrow transplants. Our collaborative approach has led to breakthroughs that help physicians use precision medicine to tailor treatments to individual patients.

UW Medicine conducts large number of clinical trials, giving patients access to promising new treatments for AML at all stages. Our comprehensive treatment, access to innovative therapies and clinical trials and pioneering new approaches are all part of our commitment to preventing, diagnosing and treating blood cancers – and we couldn’t do this work without your help.

A Smart Investment in
Cancer Research, Care and Education

Your support helps us outsmart cancer, including AML, by accelerating promising research, providing exceptional care and training the next generation of cancer specialists.

What makes us a smart investment?


UW Medicine brings together our region’s top cancer researchers and specialists in multidisciplinary teams to care for patients and collaborate on cutting-edge research. We are proud partners of the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, along with Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and Seattle Children’s. And, as a leading academic research institution, we share the latest discoveries with the broader medical community to benefit patients worldwide.


Our patients are benefiting today from the cancer treatments of tomorrow. Because we do both research and patient care, we can rapidly apply the latest discoveries in cancer research to help our patients live better, longer, healthier lives.


We’re addressing the systemic inequities that increase cancer risk and mortality among underserved communities. This includes research on disproportionate cancer mortality rates and projects to increase cancer screening in underserved populations.


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Researchers built an algorithm to discern which drugs might best combat patients’ individual cases of acute myeloid leukemia.
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Acute myeloid leukemia doesn’t have to be a life-threatening disease. Our scientists and clinicians are closer than ever to making this cancer a treatable condition. But they can’t do it without your generous and visionary support.

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