UW Medicine caregivers and staff reflect on their experience as the world and their work changed overnight

Caring for our communities during the pandemic couldn’t happen without the sacrifice of thousands of healthcare workers. They faced great risk to test vulnerable community members, care for sick patients, keep hospitals running, clean patient rooms and prepare meals. Click on the photos to learn more about our healthcare workers and their experiences during the pandemic.

You do what needs to be done each day for the good of all patients, staff and families. It is everyday, selfless dedication to the work at hand, being constantly in the moment. We are constantly educating the risks, precautions and adjustments to policies that keep everyone safe, including ourselves. We have to care about the community.
– Enedina Dumas, Strategic Outreach/Screening Program Manager,
UW Medical Center – Montlake
Being in one of the early epicenters of the pandemic while training for a career in infectious diseases was humbling, inspiring and tragic all at once. I was fortunate to be a part of the Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) team at Harborview Medical Center and was taken on the steepest learning curve I could imagine.
– Nandita Mani, MD, Infectious Diseases Physician, Harborview Medical Center; Hospitalist, UW Medical Center – Northwest
The early days of the pandemic were difficult. Our department has since developed solid policies and protocols that have made dealing with COVID-19 manageable. However, if I have one of those really tough days, I look forward to coming home to my partner and my dogs. My family and my partner have been very supportive.
– Alicia Rogers, Lead Imaging Technologist, Harborview Medical Center