As you know, more people in the United States die from lung cancer every year than from than breast, prostate, colon and pancreatic cancers combined.

But what if lung cancer could be…

  • detected in its earliest stages?
  • targeted with tailor-made therapies?
  • eliminated with advanced surgical and radiation techniques?

Discoveries by our cancer researchers and specialists are already resulting in longer, healthier lives for many patients.

With your generosity we can rapidly transform lung cancer from a life-threatening diagnosis into a treatable condition. Will you help us outsmart cancer?

You Can Help Us Outsmart Lung Cancer

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Thanks to generous donors like you, we have:

Teamed up with our Seattle Cancer Care Alliance partners to develop new therapies for lung cancer and offer the most clinical studies in our region, giving patients access to the treatments of tomorrow, today.

Developed a diagnostic tool to test for changes in certain genes associated with lung cancer, allowing us to treat patients with targeted therapies designed for them and their specific cancer.

Performed more lung operations than anywhere else in the Pacific Northwest, taking on the most complex and advanced surgical cases.

The Path to Outsmarting Lung Cancer

Together with our partners at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Lung Cancer Program, our multidisciplinary team of physician-scientists, oncologists, radiologists, surgeons and researchers are rapidly accelerating treatment options and helping patients with lung cancer live longer, healthier lives. As the largest, most experienced program of its kind in the Pacific Northwest, we offer the most clinical studies and advanced surgical techniques in the region.

Unfortunately, stigma has led to a massive underfunding in lung cancer research. That’s why your support is so important. Investing in our lung cancer research program will advance our understanding of lung cancer and the development of new therapies — eventually benefiting millions of people worldwide.

A Smart Investment in
Cancer Research, Care and Education

Your support helps us outsmart cancer, including lung cancer, by accelerating promising research, providing exceptional care and training the next generation of cancer specialists.

What makes us a smart investment?


UW Medicine brings together our region’s top cancer researchers and specialists in multidisciplinary teams to care for patients and collaborate on cutting-edge research. We are proud partners of the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, along with Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and Seattle Children’s. And, as a leading academic research institution, we share the latest discoveries with the broader medical community to benefit patients worldwide.


Our patients are benefiting today from the cancer treatments of tomorrow. Because we do both research and patient care, we can rapidly apply the latest discoveries in cancer research to help our patients live better, longer, healthier lives.


We’re addressing the systemic inequities that increase cancer risk and mortality among underserved communities. This includes research on disproportionate cancer mortality rates and projects to increase cancer screening in underserved populations.


Technique shows how individual cancer cells react to drugs
sci-Plex profiles gene expression in thousands of individual cells when a sample is perturbed; the technology holds promise for cancer, infection, prenatal medicine and other research.
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UW Medicine physician living with stage 4 lung cancer
Dr. Morhaf Al Achkar writes book, “Roads to Meaning and Resilience with Cancer,” to help people ‘get busy back living.’
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Non-small cell lung cancer responds well to HIV drug
In a therapeutic study, outcomes of 35 patients compared favorably with historical data of those treated with standard chemo and radiation therapy.
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Lung cancer doesn’t have to be a fatal disease. Our scientists and clinicians are closer than ever to making this cancer a treatable condition. But they can’t do it without your generous and visionary support.

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