Robin Maddox and her husband, Steve Meginniss, are both creative types. Maddox enjoys delving into fiber art and gardens, and she sometimes helps her husband with his numerous inventions.

Maddox also thinks creatively when it comes to saying “thank you” to her cancer care team.

When Maddox was diagnosed with sarcoma, her search for caring and thorough medical expertise led her to Edward Kim, M.D., UW associate professor in radiation oncology, and a key player on her cancer care team at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.

“The way I was treated — with respect, like I was valued — was so amazing. They wanted to know my whole thought process regarding what I was facing,” says Maddox. One of the things that set Dr. Kim and his team apart? They were willing to take the time to answer her questions.

Feeling grateful for the quality of care she received, Maddox decided to make a gift to UW Medicine through her will. “I wanted to honor Dr. Kim and make a significant gift to support sarcoma research,” says Maddox. “So I decided to use my will — I can make a larger contribution that way.”

Cancer treatment is difficult. Even so, Maddox feels positive about her experience, in large part because of Kim.

“When you have a physician like Dr. Kim, who has that kind of personality and heart for his patients, it keeps you encouraged and helps you have a more positive outcome,” she says.

Recently, Maddox decided to turn a part of her experience into a work of art.

During her treatment, Maddox had to walk down a hallway to reach the radiation room. It could have been a lonely, reluctant walk, but when the staff told Maddox to “just follow the fish,” she was cheered to find the walls decorated with ceramic and glass fish. Today, she’s incorporating the fish into a new quilt design.

As it turns out, the fish — and the cancer care team — did an excellent job. Maddox is approaching an important anniversary.

“I’m close to my five-year mark,” says Maddox, “and my outcome has been very good.”


With a gift to the Sarcoma Radiation Oncology Research Fund.